Grill Fire Safety

The Waterville Valley Department of Public Safety has established the following safety information for you:

  • Charcoal or LP gas grills are strictly prohibited from decks or balconies above the ground floor.
  • Charcoal or LP gas BBQ grills used on the ground floor must be located at least 15 feet from the building.
  • There is significant danger of charcoal grills igniting combustible siding, decking, etc., and endangering residents of the entire condominium complex.
  • LP gas tanks on gas grills are subject to venting the gas due to expansion overfilling or temperature change and must NOT be stored in dwelling units.
  • DO NOT use charcoal grills on wood decks, or within 15 feet of residence or combustible fences or structures.
  • Keep small children away when lighting charcoal or burners and during the starting process.
  • DO NOT leave matches, lighters, or butane fuel starters where children can get them.
  • Electric charcoal starting devices must be unplugged when not in use and must be allowed to cool down before storage.
  • Dispose of charcoal ashes safely in metal container and/or cool them down with water.