Public Hearing & Special Meeting of the Board of Selectmen 8/28/18

Public Notice

Community: Special Selectmens meeting 8/28 at 2PM to discuss funding options for on the WV ladder truck,currently out of service

On Tuesday August 28th at 2:00 PM there will be a special Selectmen’s meeting to address immediate and future needs in funding the Fire Departments Ladder Truck. Our current Ladder truck is 31 years old and is out of service as a result of a failed, required safety test.  There are a few options to address the needs of the Town between now and Town Meeting in March.  As a Town resident your input is valued, and we would like to hear it!

If you cannot attend this meeting will be live streamed on the Town of Waterville Valley website via the town's Youtube Channel at

We will also be in the office all day Monday and Tuesday to answer any questions you may have. We will certainly try to reach all residents with this information, but your help in publicizing this meeting would be greatly appreciated.

Christopher Hodges
Fire Chief